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It’s very important that all parents childproof their home whenever they have kids. You may think your home is pretty safe, but rest assured a child will do their best to prove you wrong. If you want to avoid any injuries and near-misses, then here are some tips for giving your home a kid-friendly makeover and making it much safer:

Put Locks On Drawers & Cabinets

When your child starts to crawl and walk, they also start to become very curious. This means they’ll reach out and try to open pretty much anything with a handle. As you can imagine, this leads to a lot of potentially dangerous situations. You may have sharp cutlery in some drawers in the kitchen, or you could have dangerous chemicals in the bathroom/kitchen cabinets. So, one simple way of making your home more kid-friendly is to put childproof locks on the drawers and cabinets. They’re easy to find, even easier to install, and will stop your child from opening things that contain dangerous items.

Block Off The Stairs With A Gate

The stairs in your home are a massive cause for concern as your kid can so easily crawl towards them and fall down them. The good news is it’s very easy to make your stairs a lot safer for kids All you need to do is install a baby gate at both ends to stop them from playing on the stairs or falling down them; easy!

Get A Baby Playpen

Baby playpens are every parent’s dream! Basically, these are little areas that your young child can play in, but they’re sectioned off from the rest of the home. They have walls around them that stop your child from crawling away to dangerous places. This is such a genius way of making sure your child is safe when you can’t physically keep an eye on them. If your kitchen is big enough, then you need to get one put in there. This lets you place your child in their playpen with a couple of toys while you make dinner safe in the knowledge that they’re not in any immediate danger.

Soften Up The Floor

Hardwood flooring is very popular these days as it makes your home look exceptionally stylish. Unfortunately, this type of flooring is not idea when you have kids. It’s fine when they’re babies, but when they get a bit older and learn to walk, then it becomes a problem. The last thing you want is a small child falling over onto a hard flooring. This will end with lots of tears and some potential injuries as well. Instead, you need to soften up the floor in your house. If possible, get carpet laid down in their bedroom and maybe even the living room too. Alternatively, get some nice thick rugs and place them around the house to make your hard floors less dangerous and a lot softer.


Make your home a much better and safer place for kids by using the tips outlined in this post. They’re all pretty simple to follow, so you’re all set to start childproofing your home!