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As a busy professional with career goals and aspirations, the pressure to succeed can be immense. However, as you grow and advance in your career, the ongoing demands of office life may start to take their toll in several ways, including affecting you physically and mentally.  

If you feel run down, emotionally exhausted or constantly on edge, that is your body’s way of telling you to slow down and reevaluate. To help keep you on a well-balanced path, we look at the best ways to boost your mental health and stay sane in the workplace.   

Find a balance 

Achieving mental health is about balancing what you want with what you need as you find a middle ground that serves your best interests. As a professional with career goals and personal responsibilities, your time and mental resources are limited, so prioritise what you need on any given day and let go of the rest. Remember, it is entirely possible to give 100%, but you cannot give 100% to every area in your life 100% of the time.   

Be gentle with yourself 

Brow-beating yourself to success is never the answer, and running at full speed without a break also ensures that you reach burnout faster. While there is nothing wrong with pushing yourself to achieve more or better your overall performance, it should never come at the expense of your mental health. Learn to take a moment and genuinely praise yourself for a job well done and be gentle with yourself when you mess up. 

Set realistic targets 

Lofty career goals are a great tool to keep you inspired and pushing, but nobody achieves success in leaps and bounds. Setting smaller target goals is a great way to move forward at a reasonable pace while creating a more manageable road to long-term success.   

Consume a healthy diet 

Your physical and mental health go hand in hand. What you consume goes way beyond balancing weight or counting calories. By living on a diet of caffeine, takeout meals or snacks high in sugar, you are denying your body the healthy nutrients it needs to function at an optimal level.  

Make time for you 

Between work and various personal responsibilities, the idea of enjoying a little “me-time” quickly goes out the window. Learn to make yourself a priority and treat yourself to activities that inspire joy. From taking an exercise class to going to the movies, visiting friends or just taking the time to maintain a journal – there are all sorts of ways to make time for fun even with a packed schedule. 


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