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Large estates and acres of space are living habits of the past. Nowadays, it’s all about condensing and living without excess. With modern houses and apartments generally making the most of the space they take up, we have a desire to make our homes clutter-free. The house of the future will be a home in which every component will be there for a purpose.

Of course, comfort and personal style will always be a factor of our home design, but fashion is becoming space saving anyway! Think about it; flat-pack, multi-use and multi-functional are characteristics of products we rely on nowadays. IKEA and the likes have changed how we furnish our houses for good.

Without noticing, you’ve probably already made some changes. Instead of a home office, with a filing system and desk, you have a smartphone and laptop. A home entertainment system and DVD collection is now replaced with a smart TV with Netflix and Spotify. Gadgets and smart devices are streamlining the way we live.

Richard Ayoade’s House of the Future

And nothing proves this more than when funny men Richard Ayode and Jimmy Carr examined the “House of the Future”. In the video below, you can see how an amazing team of designers and engineers constructed the most amazing home with the smallest of spaces.

Space-wise, it looks comparable to a big garden shed. However, when we get a look inside we see a more than habitable set of conditions for any singleton. A bed on the mezzanine, full shower, toilet and kitchen with some temporary walls, what else could you want? Take a stroll outside and you can even enjoy a small garden with that iconic white picket fence.

We do jest slightly. Without some very innovative features it wouldn’t work and living there could become suffocating. However, there’s definitely a point to consider about space. By making the most of what we have even small areas can be transformed into something special.

Take a look at your own home and ask yourself, is there anything more you can do with your living space? Many of us fall into habits of clutter and hoarding as we feel a need to fill space. In actuality, the simpler and more basic your setup, the easier it is to manage.

Use the above video as inspiration on how to keep things basic and not overfill space with anything unnecessary. Technology is constantly reducing individual utilities or products we need. Yes you have to keep what’s personally important to you, but clutter is the number 1 factor to a messy home.

Simplify and Store the Rest

Part of this simplified lifestyle is hanging onto what’s important, but finding a suitable space for it. Every day, more and more people are taking the pressure off by keeping what’s important in storage.

And why wouldn’t you? You know it’s safe, you can access it anytime you want and most importantly, it’s not taking up space in your home!

It’s literally the best option to make room for life at home and declutter your space. Check out some of our fantastic storage options and get on track to a clutter-free house now.