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What you must know about storing winter clothing in Ireland

It’s that joyful time of year when the temperatures are creeping up, and we get to go home from work in broad daylight. Sure, weather is always unpredictable and you never know which month of the year you are going to need your jackets and boots again. While your bulky coats may be going into storage, you may also want to keep some warm clothes folded away at home. Here is a guide on how to put away your winter clothes, so that they are in great shape and ready to wear, whether you reach for the next week, next month or next year.

Keep your clothes clean and safe from humidity

woman in machine at laundromat

The wet climate on our emerald isle can be very hard on shoes and clothing. There are several ways to protect them from the effects of moisture, which can cause changes in both the shape and smell of the clothes. To start with, get all your clothes clean. Launder absolutely everything, and send delicate items to be chemically cleaned. Even if you think your clothes are not in need of cleaning after only one or two years, they do collect small dirt particles and body oils that are not visible to the human eye. If left on the clothes while in storage, these will cause the fabric to deteriorate. They will also give the clothes a musty smell and may attract moths. It is a good idea to add a small bag of silica gel to keep the damp away, and of lavender or sage to keep your clothes smelling great.

Pack your clothes so they’re easy to find and wear

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Cardboard boxes may seem like the easiest solution for clothes storage, but they are not recommended. Cardboard is not resistant to water damage and is also acidic, which means your clothes aren’t protected inside. Instead, fold away your clothes into clear plastic bins. Plastic is not only much stronger, but it will also be easy to find the clothes you’re looking for when you can see inside the bin. There are even bins with wheels, if you want a rolling option, for example, this one from These can be great for easily rolling out your clothes whenever you need them, whether they’re sitting underneath your bed or at the back of your storage unit. You can even use plastic zipper bags to pack up clothes for safe storage in tight spaces.

Protect your winter boots and shoes

brown shoe horns

Good boots and leather shoes are expensive to replace, but store them the right way and they’ll last you longer. The main thing to remember is that your shoes need to keep their shape over time, and the delicate leather or cloth needs to be preserved. You may be familiar with shoe horns, which are an excellent way to keep your shoes in shape. You can also use shoe stretchers or wadded up acid-free paper to stuff your shoes. As a great alternative, you can also use unbleached muslin fabric. It is important to make sure that this is helping the shoes keep their shape, rather than stretching them out. Make sure that whatever method you choose, it is just enough to keep the shoes’ material supported from inside, that your shoehorns are the right size and shape for your shoes.

Hang coats and jackets separately from your other clothes

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You want your coats where you can see them, but they may be taking up too much closet space. Besides, the dirt and damp that tends to collect on outerwear may transfer onto your other clothes. This is why it is best to hang your outer garments separately from the rest of your clothes. Invest in a rolling clothes horse for your jackets, or for a cheaper option, get sturdy hooks that you can attach to your entryway wall or door for your coats and jackets.

We hope this guide was helpful in getting your winter storage just right. You can have a look through more guides on our blog if you would like to learn more about storing, organising, and taking care of your valuable items.

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