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Summer often means more free time to re-decorate. While always guided by our own personal tastes first and foremost, it is still fun to look at recent trends and update a few touches for a more modern look. Here are a few trends that can inspire or even guide your next home refresher.

1. Bold colours

Nothing acts like a showstopper in any room quite like a vivid pop of colour. Whether it’s a jewel-toned armchair, brightly framed mirror or a colourful patterned rug, you can’t go wrong with a touch that draws immediate attention to itself and prevents the room from washing out with bland colours.

2. Fancy pet bed

There’s every reason to draw (even more) attention to your ridiculously cute pets, by giving them a corner of the room to claim as their own with a unique and colourful pet bed. Your guests will enjoy the sight of your pets living like royalty, and there are many creative designs out there these days that will perfectly accent your home decor.

3. Warm walls

Scandinavian design has so far focused on making everything as white, sparse and clean-looking as it can get. Now, this trend is relaxing into an affinity for slightly warmer paint with yellow or blush undertones. It is the right time to make things cosy with a welcoming, sunny shade on your walls.

4. Evergreen

The above being said, the trendiest colour following this year’s so-called “millennial pink” is going to be a deep and immersive shade of forest green, and you can make your house really stand out in a good way by adding accents of this colour throughout. There are many ways to deploy forest green, from painting a door or wall this colour, to combining it with another trend and adding plants on shelving or windowsills to create a lush, leafy ambience.