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As a business owner, your inventory is your company’s lifeline. Although many companies invest in the convenience of business storage, not all make the most of the space. If you’re tired of tallying inventory damages due to toppled boxes or dread picking and packing orders in a cluttered space, we cover the best ways to store inventory in a self storage unit. 

Create a floor plan  

Create a floor plan with enough space to accommodate aisles. This will ensure easy movement in and out of the unit, whether you’re offloading or collecting inventory. 

Maximise vertical space 

From standard shelves to clothing racks and mobile shelving units, shelves are the best way to avoid costly inventory damage while maximising the vertical space at your disposal. There is nothing worse than watching a tower of stacked inventory boxes collapse. 

Group items together 

Whether collecting inventory for a restock or picking, packing and dispatching orders directly from your storage unit, grouping similar items together can streamline the packing process, speed up stock takes, and boost overall productivity. 

Contain and label 

Labelled containers are vital for keeping your inventory clearly visible, easy to access and safe from damage. Opt for plastic containers that can seal to protect the contents during transit and storage. Lastly, detailed labels can help track expiration dates and other important information.   

Pack boxes carefully  

A rushed packing process with low-grade packaging materials will result in inventory damage. Invest in heavy-duty boxes designed for long-term use and easy stacking. Bubble wrap is also strongly recommended when storing and transporting fragile items.  

Check out our range of double-walled boxes and moving kits. 

Whether you’re storing inventory or need a secure unit for archived files, turn to Nesta Self Storage. With five locations across Dublin, a wide range of business storage unit sizes, and flexible Dublin office rentals, we have all the space you need to grow your business. 

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