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Autumn is here, and so are a lot of things that make this season both great and terrible! Have you ever walked down a sunny September street, enjoying yourself some colourful flowers and berries, perhaps glimpsing a rainbow after a refreshing sprinkle of rain, when suddenly – out of nowhere – a monstrous, hairy spider family scuttles across your path?

Or maybe you’ve cozied up with a cup of tea and your laptop, but need to get up after a while to put on another sweater, and pile on yet another blanket. And, once you’re finally toasty under a veritable mountain of quilts, the clouds part and your apartment is illuminated by searing sun, and you are forced to remove all the layers, one by one, all over again.

It’s even more of a bother to have to get up in the night, shivering, close the window, turn on the heater, then two hours later repeat the same process in reverse, all hot and sweaty. (And don’t get us started on the monstrous, hairy spider family that somehow managed to get inside while the window was open…)

Despair not, because all these little charming quirks of autumn can be handled like a pro, if you only know a few little shortcuts.

First things first, you can almost always keep spiders out by lighting scented candles or scent diffusers on your windowsill. The smokey scent that is so calming to us as we deeply inhale the warm approximations of nature, appears to have the opposite effect on spiders, sending them running and coughing angrily back into the wild outdoors.

As to the heat, one high-quality 100% wool quilt is worth more than its weight in cheap synthetic blankets! Wrap yourself up confidently in one of these, pour a cup of tea, and enjoy a peaceful rest for as long as circumstances allow. For a cheaper solution, long, woollen socks can also do the trick.

And finally, September is a great month for getting outdoorsy-er than usual! Getting lots of fresh air and getting the blood pumping will provide a boost to your body’s ability to keep itself warm. While not a foolproof method, you may still benefit from enjoying the lovely vistas of Irish autumn! Just don’t forget the raincoat, and do put on some sunscreen before you go.