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You would be surprised how much unused space we have in our homes and the little things we can do take advantage or this space. Check out some of these awesome storage life hacks that we’ve found that will open up your eyes to the world of home storage. I know some of these absolutely blew my mind.

Have an old camera bag and a new baby? No problem, convert that camera bag into a diaper bag!

Who still buys CDs nowadays? Use those old CD racks as Tupperware lid holders.

Baby crib into desk
Is your baby all grown up? Don’t let that crib take up space, convert it into a desk.

Love this one! Always looking for ways to save room when packing or storing clothes.

Is your rubbish bin taking up to much space? Hang it on the inside of your sinks cabinet drawer.

Use old dresser drawers as shelves for plants or books

Save loads of space in your bathroom by putting storage pouches on your shower curtain.

Double the storage area of a suitcase and keep it filled with things like books and seasonal items when you are not using them.

Be sneaky and save space by making a hidden area behind a painting for your jewellery.

Weren’t those amazing! I know we enjoyed them and will definitely be making use of them in the future.