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When you are preparing for a newborn to arrive, you will need to make space in your home to fit in all the baby things you will need. However small babies may be, they certainly take up a lot of room with all the stuff they require and this means that you as parents will have to prioritize your space.

Though a baby will always come first, it can be difficult for new parents to make decisions about what needs to go and what can stay. To be honest, many parents don’t want to have to say goodbye to their stuff just because their home isn’t big enough for everything plus baby stuff.

If moving house isn’t a feasible solution just yet, but you still need space, there are a few simple solutions you might be interested in.

Get Smart Furniture

Once you have a family, you will quickly find that you need more storage space in your home too. This might be something as simple as a place to keep toys while they aren’t in use or larger things like spare beds.

The best thing to do is get smart furniture. These are pieces that are multifunctional and solve several problems but take up significantly less space. Think along the lines of getting a sofa bed, using cupboards as side tables and drawers under your bed. In other words, wherever there could be a wasted space, find a way to make full use of it.

Consider Self Storage

When you have a lot of stuff that simply isn’t baby-friendly and just won’t fit in your family home, self-storage is a great way to make sure that you can keep your stuff. This can work as a short term solution while you save and search for a bigger place, but it can also work in the long term too.

Self-storage is ideal for new parents who are also thinking about having more children in the future. As your baby grows out of items like prams or changing tables, you can use self-storage until the next one comes along, saving you the expense of buying everything all over again.

Think Vertically

We tend to think of space as in how many square metres in floor space there are. While this is fine for comparing properties, it isn’t the smartest way to think about your storage. You need to think up the vertical lines in your house as well as along the horizontal to see how much space you actually have in volume.

Wherever there is a wall, there is an opportunity for floor to ceiling storage. In the kitchen, suspend shelves and hooks from the ceiling to make more room in the cupboards. When you start looking, there are actually lots of ways that you can make better use of your walls and ceilings, just remember that the things you use every day should be within easy reach and the things you use less should be stored out of easy reach.