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Planning to renovate your home is almost as time-consuming as the task itself. You’ll likely have to take time off work, think about how to keep the household running as normal during the renovation, and — most importantly of all — decide what you’re going to do with your furniture and furnishings during the renovation itself.

Depending on the scope of your renovation, you may be able to manage just moving items into another room while their usual space is renovated. However, even this has its problems– ultimately, you need a cleaner solution. By far the best way of ensuring a fuss-free renovation, where every item you own survives intact, is to move your belongings into self-storage during the renovation itself. Here’s why.

The dangers of irreparable damage

Household renovations are, without a doubt, a messy affair. From the dust generated by power tools to the risk of paint splatters, your existing belongings are going to be in for a rough time of it if you can’t keep them clear of the work zone. Even if you do manage to clear the room you’re renovating (which is unlikely given how dust can spread through a house), there’s still the risk to items as they are piled together in a second room, haphazardly assembled, and often balanced in precarious positions.

All of this is very bad news for your most precious items, some of which will not survive being stacked together in a spare room or coated in layers of dust or paint. If you opt to use self storage during your renovation, you can be sure your most precious items are kept far out of the way of any potential hazards.

Lower stress

If you decide just to move items around in your home prior to renovating, you’re doubling your workload– and your stress. You’ll have to worry about moving items before you can get any work done, and then further worry about whether they are safe in their temporary storage space.

By opting to move your items into self-storage, you can be 100% confident they are safe and protected for the duration– leaving your mind clear of stress, and allowing you to focus on the renovation task at hand.

Ease of use

If you have never used self-storage before, you might be concerned that the process is so confusing it’s not worth using for a temporary situation such as a renovation. If this is something you’re concerned about, then you need not be. Self-storage is as simple as moving items into another area of your home for safe-keeping, only with the added benefit of knowing for sure that your most precious belongings will survive the renovation process intact.

If you’re concerned that self-storage options may be too large if you’re just renovating a single room, then don’t be. Self-storage options come in a range of sizes, so whether you’re renovating a single small room or your entire house, you can be confident of finding the space you need to store your items.

In conclusion

If you want to experience a stress-free renovation that protects your belongings, then self-storage is undeniably the best option for you. You will be free to focus on the job in hand, ensuring quick completion of your renovation so that when you welcome your items back from storage, the entire renovated room is in as good a condition as it can possibly be.